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Model NumberTF4000T
Info Tivo Friendly
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Info Blackout Safe
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Info No Special Codes
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User Comments

NameScott Date2006-06-09 10:42:35
Rating8 Price$228
CommentWorth the hassle of channel changes for better reception and picture quality.
Posted from (
ProsAwesome quality in an otherwise poor reception area. Seems to have a very good pick up area for IR which my old VCR didn't have. It's been really reliable with channel changes.
ConsI had to change 2 things. It appears that this box can't re assign channel numbers, so I had to change TIVO to point SBS to Ch3 and TEN to Ch5. Once I got that sorted, and fixed the number of digits to 1 it worked fine. Also note that the number of digits to 1 thing didn't work if there was an entry for Enter key in the list as well. So I had to mess around a bit with the 2 / 3 enter yes / no settings on the tivo, then alter it via cmd line to get the right setting. Once I did get it right though all is good.
Purchased FromDick Smith
NameKwijibot Date2006-05-26 15:30:00
Rating8 Price$165
CommentGood Unit which has an IR code on the Oztivo IR list.
Posted from (
ProsNo hassles on the STB side at all - with good clear image. Set tivo to 30079 Fast and it works ok (except for the zero issue)
ConsThe zero from Tivo links directly to the image settings on the STB so needs to be deactivated on Tivo - Still trying to do that but the rest has gone fairly smoothly.
No channel display on the box itself.
Purchased FromGood Guys
NameChristopher Date2005-10-29 21:01:57
Rating8 Price$224
CommentI fixed the leading zero issue by setting number of digits sent to one. Tivo still sends more digits if the channel needs it. The STB has to wait to see if there are more digits, but still changes quicker than my last STB.
Purchased FromHN
NameIan Date2005-08-11 09:22:24
Rating8 Price$229
ProsOnce zero button issue is resolved, it works very well with TiVo.
Conszero button on STB remote causes screen aspect ratio to change, so that when TiVo changes chanels the leading zero(s) cause the screen aspect to change. I considered two work arounds; set the number of digits sent to one, or corrupt the IR code for zero. I chose the second.
Purchased FromDSE

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