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Model NumberDV-B420
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User Comments

NameAndrew Date2006-12-04 09:31:06
Rating5 Price$185
CommentI've been running a TiVo with this STB for nearly 2 years. It has now become so annoying that I'm looking to replace it. We are in a low signal area and this STB drops out frequently. This causes audio popping and screeching, and can lock up the unit so that it requires power cycling to get it to respond again. It also 'auto-tunes' if the channel lineup changes. This has caused the channel mappings on the TiVo to change resulting in missed recordings..
Posted from (
ProsSupport in Australia from TEAC was excellent - they provided SCART cable to me when I requested one.
ConsIt is very hot to touch (remember that it will be on 24/7 to drive the TiVo). Does not handle low signal well. Non-standard SCART output.
Purchased FromHarvey Norman
NameDavid Date2006-01-25 10:55:35
Rating8 Price$85
CommentVery reliable, compact unit. Perhaps not the most sensitive but simple and very easy to use.
ProsSmall, simple, cool (temperature, not attitude), reliable, TiVo codes available
ConsMedium sensitivity
Purchased FromeBay
NameKeith Date2005-12-22 18:30:11
Rating0 Price$0
CommentNot such a good unit. I no longer use it on the Tivo
ConsNot very sensitive, drops out easily, can lock up if it drops out needing a power cycle to recover
Purchased FromPowerhouse
NameWarwick Brown Date2005-10-06 00:42:58
Rating8 Price$148
CommentI have only been using this box for a few days, but so far my impressions are good.

At first, it was very slow changing channels, but this was fixed by telling TiVo to send 4 digit codes instead of 3.

Otherwise, it worked out of the box with the TiVo.
Easy to use, setup was a breeze, instantly found and set up LCN channels.
TiVo codes built in.
ConsS-Video output requires SCART Adaptor (DSE Cat No: P6675).
TiVo needs to be modified with dbset to send 4 digit channel code instead of 3.
Purchased FromDick Smith Powerhouse

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