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Model NumberDG-SD2401
Info Tivo Friendly -
Info IR Codes -
Info Blackout Safe -
Info LCNs -
Info No Special Codes -
Info Fast Change -
Info Firmware -
Info Tiny -
Info S-video -
Info HD -
Info Channel num display -

User Comments

NameStephen Noble Date2009-01-19 22:33:50
Rating7 Price$0
Commentreassign numbers with http://tivoIP/listchan
only takes a few minutes
Posted from (
NameStephen Noble Date2009-01-19 22:30:01
Rating7 Price$49
CommentDSE 30056 but guided setup has 30143
Posted from (
Prosworks as expected
Consneed to renumber channels, it assigns 1,2,3...20
Purchased FromDick Smith

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